💡Self Installation

How to install Nyano Bot if you are self hosting!

STEP 1 - Download

  • Download the open source zip files using the green "Code" button on our GitHub.

We use the green "Code" button instead of latest release because we are pushing micro updates all the time without the need to push a full release.

STEP 2 - Dependencies

  • Ensure you have installed all of the required dependencies. This bot runs on Node JS.

  • You do not need to build the project, this has already been done.

STEP 3 - Modifications

  • Open the config.template.json and rename it to config.json and configure it to your needs.

  • Rename the data.template folder to data and leave it alone.

STEP 4 - Configuration

  • Create a bot token on Discord Developer Portal, give it the necessary permissions and invite it, make sure to put your token in config.json.

  • Open Terminal as Administrator in your directory and run npm install then node . to start the bot.

  • Perform the !setalerts command and follow the instructions it gives you.

  • Perform the commands listed below under "Command Usage".

⌨️Command Usage
  • Wait for alerts in your chosen channels!

If you require any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact us in our Discord Server.

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