🛠️Initial Setup

A step-by-step guide on how to set your VPS service up!

Step 1: Purchase

If you have already purchased your product, you can skip this step. Purchase your shared web hosting service from our website.

Upon successful purchase, there will be a short waiting period where your cPanel account will be provisioned and setup. This doesn't take too long! Once the provisioning process has been completed, you will receive an email with your login link and credentials. Save these for your reference.

Congratulations, you are now a customer of Armour Hosting!

Step 2: Nameservers & Login

If you have purchased your domain through us, you will not need to change your nameservers, but if you registered it with a third party company i.e. GoDaddy or 123-reg then you must login to your account and head to the Control Panel / Dashboard and manage your domain. From there, find something similar to "Manage Nameservers" and you will be wanting to change them to our nameservers that were provided to you in your welcome email. Once you have received the email with your login credentials, and you have set your nameservers to ours, you will be able to login to your cPanel account using the link provided in the email. Enter your login credentials and open the cPanel dashboard. Congratulations, you have successfully logged into your account!

Step 3: File Manager

If you are hosting a website through cPanel, you may want to use File Manager. This is where you can upload all of your website files for direct hosting and easily edits.

Step 4: DNS Zones & Emails

If you wish to create subdomains or redirects and give them different DNS zones, then you can head to "DNS Zones" and create rules as you wish here. If you want to create email addresses for yourself, or staff members, you can do this by going to "Email Accounts" and following the instructions there.

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