STEP 1 - Download

Download the Armour-Birthday Hunt asset from your cfx.re keymaster.โ€‹

STEP 2 - Installation

  1. 1.Drag the Armour-BirthdayHunt folder into your resources folder

  2. 2.Open your server.cfg file and ensure Armour-BirthdayHunt

STEP 3 - Configuration

You will see the following contents inside the Armour-BirthdayHunt folder:

  • html

  • stream

  • .fxap

  • fxmanifest.lua

  • client.lua โ€“ (escrowed and cannot be modified)

  • config.lua

  • server.lua โ€“ (escrowed and cannot be modified)


Open your config folder and open the file called config.lua.


Configure your Config.lua according to your needs.

Next in the server folder open the file called config_webhook.lua and configure your webhooks.

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