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STEP 1 - Download

Download Armour-Scoreboard asset from your cfx.re keymaster.

STEP 2 - Configuration

You will see the following contents inside the Armour-Scoreboard folder:

  • client (escrowed and cannot be modified)

  • config

  • html

  • server (escrowed and cannot be modified)

  • .fxap

  • fxmanifest.lua

Config Folder

Open your config folder and open the file called config.lua.


  1. Choose the your server's framework. Enter either qb or esx. The defaulted value is qb.

  2. If you're using newer ESX versions, enter true on Config.NewESX.

  3. You can choose to open the scoreboard with a Keybind or a Command, or both. The comments in the config are pretty self-explanatory however.

  4. Update Delay is optional, it's good at 5000 for most servers. This is measured in ms or milliseconds.

Next in the config folder open the file called config_translations.js.

In this guide, we will simply go through the translations you may want to change if you are running an English server, but for any other language simply change every option.


In this file, you can change all of the translations on the scoreboard. So if your server is in a different language to English, you can translate the words for your server to understand.

  1. Edit ServerName: from "YOUR SERVER NAME" to your own server's name.

  2. Edit ServerDesc: from "EXAMPLE TEXT" to a description of your server.

  1. Edit the Links: array which includes changing your community links and updating your logo.

HINT: Make sure your logo is WHITE in colour and 30x30px for the best UX.

  1. Update your Server Rules. You can modify, edit, add and delete these as you wish.

IMPORTANT: If you are adding more rules, remember to change the Rules id. Otherwise, just leave them the same and only change the title and description.

Once you have saved those files, you can restart the server and open up the scoreboard and it should be configured to your liking.

If you require any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact us in our Discord Server.

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