On this page you will find multiple modifications that you can make to this script. Please read the guide carefully before making a support ticket.

SQL Libraries:

Follow this portion of the guide if you wish to change the SQL library the resource uses.

IMPORTANT: If you change the SQL library in Config.MySQL then you MUST also put the address for this library in the fxmanifest.lua

Here is an example:

Input this into your config.lua

Input this into your fxmanifest.lua

NOTE: Notice how we have commented the mysql-async library as it is not needed. We should only ever have ONE sql library running.

Extra Translations:

Follow this portion of the guide if you are using another language other than English. If you are using English, you can skip to the next section of this guide.

INFO: If you are using this script in a different language and you have edited the translations in the config.lua accordingly, you may notice that the HTML elements are still in English.

Here is how to change them:

Open up your index.html and edit the strings.

The following strings are editable;

  • <h2>CHRISTMAS HUNT</h2>

  • <th class="place">POSITION</th>

  • <th class="name">NAME</th>

  • <th class="score">SCORE</th>

Styling & Design:

NOTE: In this file, you can change any of the styling and design, but to keep it simple, we will only show the basic and most popular changes that can be made. Some basic CSS knowledge is required for this, but you can ask our support team for help at any time!

Here is how to change the styling:

Open up your style.css and edit the element attributes. Below are a list of basic changes you can make to this file.

iPad Frame:

If you wish to change the iPad frame of the leader board, you can do so here under the background-image attribute. Make sure to change the image in the images folder too!

Font Family, Styling and Size:

You can change the font family, styling and size here by editing the font-family, font-size, color and text-shadow attributes respectively.

Table Heading and Row styling:

If you wish to edit the Table Heading and Row styling, you can do so by following this guide here.

The "Row styling" is what we would call the red hover effect when you hover your cursor over someone's name, you can view this yourself by simply collecting a prop, doing the /show command and hovering over your name.

You can change the green Table Heading styling here by editing the background-color attribute.

You can change the red Table Row hover styling here by editing the background-color attribute.

Background Image:

If you wish to edit the background image of the leader board, you can do so by adding your direct image URL into the background-image attribute here.

  • You can also add or change the blur effect by uncommenting and editing the filter attribute's filter/effect and value.

NOTE: It's advised to keep to the max-width value of 683px with your new image, unless you want to spend hours restarting the script and aligning the new background to the frame!

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