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We offer multiple different services at Armour Solutions. Please choose from them below to head to the relevant websites.

Relied upon by countless customers worldwide, Armour Hosting delivers high-speed, robust web hosting and scalable, secure servers. Our private backend infrastructure, strategically situated across the UK, is the foundation of our success, along with our dedicated team and commitment to customer-centric relationships.

We take pride in our extensive array of services and cutting-edge technology stack, encompassing managed web hosting and domain name services, virtualized servers powered by our proprietary infrastructure, dedicated server options, data center co-location solutions, business connectivity, and expert consultation services.

Services Offered:

We are recognized for our high quality and variety of highly configurable options, whilst maintaining the first-class support that we provide to all our customers.

All of our scripts are protected under the CFX Asset Escrow service.

Purchase your product today and don't hesitate to contact our support team if you need any assistance.

We have a team of expert frontend designers and backend programmers that will meet and exceed all of your expectations when it comes to the creation of your website. We have worked with an extensive list of clients over the years and we are extremely competitively prices. All of our website designs come with Google Search Console indexing, input validation and error handling as standard.

If you would like a website design quote from us, please fill in our quote form here and wait for a member of our team to respond.

Armour Solutions also offer comprehensive Discord bots for small to large communities looking to streamline their work or support processes. Our most popular bot right now is our Premium Live Support bot, it works solely in the client's direct messages and has the ability for staff members to discuss the ins and outs of a ticket in the relevant channel without the client seeing among many other useful features that aren't widely available with other notorious ticketing bots. If you would like a custom bot making please contact us in a Discord ticket today!

NOTE: Our Discord Bots have their own documentation currently. Please click here to see them.

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