๐Ÿ”งGetting Started

This is a comprehensive guide will teach you how to setup your machine for OSRS Botting purposes.

Choosing a VPS/Dedicated Hosting Plan:

One of the main things to consider when choosing a hosting machine is the amount of RAM it has. To be safe, we recommend following a guideline of an estimated 1GB of RAM per bot you plan to run. Since most bots will use considerably less than 1GB RAM per client, you may be able to run more clients than expected. Hereโ€™s a conservative estimate of how many bots you can run with each VPS plan as an example:

  • SUPER MINI VPS | At least 2 bots

  • MINI VPS | At least 4 bots

  • SMALL VPS | At least 6 bots

  • REGULAR VPS | At least 8 bots

  • MEDIUM VPS | At least 12 bots

  • LARGE VPS | At least 15 bots

  • BIGGER VPS | At least 18 bots

  • EXTRA LARGE VPS | At least 20 bots

  • FULLY LOADED VPS | At least 25+ bots Dedicated Hosting will offer much more if you are running large scale bot farms.

Connecting to & Setting up your machine:

Once you have received the email with your login credentials, you will be able to connect to your VPS. All of our VPS machines adopt the username of Administrator and your password will usually be a randomly generated string found in your emails. Open up Remote Desktop Connection on your computer and input the IP address of your machine (found in the confirmation email) - and hit "Connect". Now it should ask for your credentials, fil in the username which is Administrator, and then input your password. Congratulations, you have successfully logged into your machine!

Install Java & your chosen botting software:

Follow these steps to install Java.

For this example, we will be installing TRiBot, but you can use any botting software on our machines.

Navigate to the desktop, and install TRiBot using the following command:

$ cd desktop
$ wget https://tribot.org/bin/TRiBot_Loader.jar

Once installed, simply double-click TRiBot_Loader.jar from wherever you installed it, to start botting!

If you want to use Debian or any other Operating System, please enquire within and we will get this arranged for you at no extra cost.

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