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STEP 1 - Download

Download Armour-PropSpawner asset from your cfx.re keymaster.

STEP 2 - Configuration

You will see the following contents inside the Armour-PropSpawner folder:

  • client (escrowed and cannot be modified)

  • config

  • html

  • server (escrowed and cannot be modified)

  • .fxap

  • fxmanifest.lua

Config Folder

Open your config folder and open the file called config.lua.


Configure your Config.lua according to your needs.

Next in the config folder open the file called config_translations.lua.


  • Here you can translate the strings in the Config.Translations array as desired.

  • You can also add the notification system of your choice.

Now, let's continue with the config_permissions.lua

  • Here you have the opportunity to configure the groups that can use the menu.

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